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Here at B&H Motors we are equipped to deal with any problem, big or small. Below are just some of the services we offer.

Call our office today to discuss your needs with a member of our team.


We are able to perform full regular servicing to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. We can also perform any and all maintenance or repairs your car may require.


Car failed its MOT? Not to worry! Pop your vehicle over to us, let us know why it failed and we'll have it sorted in no time.


Driving in summer can be painful without your ice cold Air Con. Come see us at B&H where we can perform a full recharge service, or repair any other faults with your Air Con. We'll have you cool again quick!


Whether it be a 'Check Engine' light on your dashboard, or something just isn't quite right with your vehicle, bring it to us and we can use our extensive suite of diagnostic scanning tools to tell you exactly what's up.


Wheels out of alignment? We offer Hunter Hawkeye 4 wheel alignment - the best wheel alignment technology available. 


It's a legal requirement to keep your tyres in good condition in order to drive on UK roads. We can supply, fit and balance tyres for all types of vehicle, up to 22". Give us a call now to book your tyre change.


Whilst most motorists forget or simply do not know about the cambelt, it is crucial that this is well-maintained. Failure to look after this component can lead to severe engine damage. We can offer full cambelt change services on a wide range of vehicles.


At B&H Motors we are able do full clutch replacements on almost all vehicles. Give us a call to discuss your requirements with one of the team.


We offer Terraclean engine cleaning services for both Petrol and Diesel engines. Cleaning your engine of carbon deposits regularly increases performance, improves MPG, reduces emissions and prolongs engine lifespan.


Your vehicle needs some welding or custom fabrication work? No fret, we do that too! 


We offer a range of ECU remapping services including Speed Limiter Delete and EGR.


We are able to provide a vehicle recovery service for vehicles up to 1.5 tonnes. Larger vehicles can be accommodated by appointment only. Please get in touch to enquire.

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