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Established in 2010, B&H Motor Services is an independent motor specialist located within walking distance of Reading town centre. Boasting more than 20 years of previous experience within the trade at various main dealers, working in both service and bodyshop departments, we can accommodate almost any vehicles from Smart cars to motorhomes. We have tooling and diagnostic equipment to cover most makes and models of vehicle, from classic cars right up to newly released vehicles.

Utilising our wealth of experience working in main dealers, we can carry out routine servicing and maintenance to dealer level standard on most makes and models of vehicle.

With one of the latest and greatest Air Con maintenance machines available on the market we are able to diagnose air conditioning faults, find leaks, replace faulty or leaking parts, as well as peforming full A/C system recharges with either 134A or 1234YF gas.

Using some of the latest diagnostic equipment, we can efficiently diagnose electrical faults and warning lights such as Engine Management Light (helicopter light), Airbag lights, ABS lights, PAS lights, Service lights, DPF lights, Immobiliser lights and many more. We can do this on most vehicles and can also carry out OBD health checks.

Amongst our extensive arsenal of tooling is a Hunter Pro 4 wheel alignment system. Using this, we can carry out wheel alignment to factory specifications, or to a totally bespoke specification depending on your requirements.


We can also provide complete custom fabriation and wiring services for more bespoke projects. 

For a list of the Services we can provide, please see our 'Services' page.

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